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Taking Back Sunday

Tidal Wave (Digital Download)


Release Date: 16/09/2016

Their first new album since Happiness Is in 2014, Tidal Wave is a forceful and fluidly cohesive tsunami of a record.  Kicking off with the “Death Wolf” whose one-minute atmospheric intro explodes at breakneck speed fueled by Mark O’Connells’ muscular drumming, the album pushes the band’s musical boundaries, challenging them into experimenting with different textures and sounds while remaining very true to their trademark sound. From the anthemic “You Can’t Look Back” to the balladic “I Felt It Too” to the mid-tempo closer “I’ll Find A Way to Make It What You Want”, Tidal Wave is a whole new beginning for the platinum-selling band.  “I couldn’t put any more of myself into these new songs and we’ve grown as musicians,” Lazzara says about how they’ve continued to innovate and expand with each progressive record.

Death Wolf 4:13 $1.29
Tidal Wave 2:32 $1.29
You Can't Look Back 4:28 $1.29
Fences 3:37 $1.29
All Excess 3:36 $1.29
I Felt It Too 5:23 $1.29
Call Come Running 3:13 $1.29
Holy Water 4:19 $1.29
In The Middle Of It All 3:12 $1.29
We Don't Go In There 4:01 $1.29
Homecoming 4:02 $1.29
I'll Find A Way To Make It What You Want 5:21 $1.29